Yoga, Beauty & Massage in London Samsara Mind & Body

Yoga & Massage in London Samsara Mind & Body

After having three c sections. I was feeling back pain all the time even after doing my household works it’s quite difficult for me to lay down. I was avoiding to bent down to pick up heavy things. It was such a painful time period of my life because you could not say no to the household work as a mother. I have become a bad-tempered person even my children say me crabby or fussy kind of mother. I was becoming lazy day by day. Always trying to find some time for my own self.

One day my childhood friend told me to join yoga classes. I felt little bit hesitation that how I am going to find time for it but now, I don’t regret my decision. it seems that they bring new out of me. It helps me a lot to relaxed my body and reduce my weight and especially in my back pain. I   love their pattern of yoga. It is very smooth and easy going.

I started here with beginner yoga sequences, tutorial, and foundational yoga poses. Their teacher is so co cooperative. The answer to your questions on all the yoga basics and build strength and confidence to take your yoga practice deeper. I especially liked their Hath yoga, yoga flow and gentle yoga classes for beginners.  There Pilates classes involved me not only physically but mentally, too. with a proper guideline, I increased the effectiveness level and got maximum benefit out of it.

Before this experience I thought that doing yoga at home by watching it on the different websites will be as useful as going on some yoga centers and taking classes but after having this experience my view is completely changed because a good instructor helped might offer modification to different people based on what they know about their students’ bodies and needs. The ability to do that well is one of the things that sets Pilates and yoga instructors apart from general fitness trainers.Massage london

I remembered the herbal massage treatment after work out, it brought healing power to my body. The form of therapy involves hands-on techniques used to increase circulation of blood. It helps me to relax my muscles and soft tissues. They completely used natural and organic products on your body that made me comfortable to use their services. The balance pressure on your shoulders and back feels like you are in heaven and crying for more. There is no doubt that after spending my day here when I went to my home I was feeling lighter and free of worries and ready for doing more household work. It reduces my stress, improves my sleep and relieves tension. Now my family has changed their opinion about me, they thought I looked more fresh and lively. My children named me “Super Mama”. In my opinion, when you are happy, it is easy for you to make other people happy.

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