Types of Carpet Are Easiest To Clean

Which Types of Carpet Are Easiest To Clean?

Getting new carpets in your home can be just what you need to make your home feel brand new, however, maintaining them can be very time consuming and frustrating, but knowing which material carpet you have and the correct technique to clean them, carpet cleaning will be a lot quicker and easier. If you’re not a fan of cleaning but your carpet is looking a little dirty, contact a Carpet Cleaning Portsmouth company for help. It’s important to keep your carpet looking fresh and clean to prevent bacteria buildup.

Choosing the right carpet that is easiest for you to maintain is important as carpets experience a lot of trauma during their lifetimes such as spillages, foot traffic and most of all bacteria and dirt which will need specific carpet cleaning techniques to thoroughly clean without being time-consuming. In fact, it is why Melbourne Carpet Cleaning companies and many others like them, train long and hard to make sure they know exactly how to get deep into the fibres to remove all this dirt and bacteria. It is why there are different techniques to cleaning too! No matter which carpet you choose, there will be a method of cleaning it, so don’t feel too restricted.

Types of carpet

Carpet cleaning can be altered to the type of carpet for the most effective cleaning. Some carpet materials are more beneficial than others in terms of carpet cleaning and others are more beneficial in terms of being aesthetically and environmentally pleasing.

Natural fibres: these fibres are made from natural grown materials which are harvested and processed into fibres. These fibres are made from materials such as wool, silk, cotton, sisal and seagrass. All of these materials are used to make different types of carpets which are eco-friendly but unfortunately not so cooperative when carpet cleaning as the fibres are not very durable and are sensitive to some cleaning products.

Synthetic fibres: These fibres are made from chemical compounds and are the most popular carpets as they are known for their durability and easy carpet cleaning aspects. The most common fibres are nylon, polyester and polypropylene, nylon being the toughest in comparison to the others. These fibres are the easiest to clean due to their durability and resistance to abrasion and foot traffic which also extends their life span.

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