Wedding Planning - Beautiful Event Design - Ruth Alexander Weddings

Wedding Planning – Beautiful Event Design – Ruth Alexander Weddings

Weddings are based around personal touches, personal touches that are relevant and special to the couple, to the family and to the occasion itself.

It can feel overwhelming and scary; you may feel like you have little clue where to begin, what you want the day to look like or how far your budget will stretch too.

For years our team at Ruth Alexander Weddings has successfully planned flawless, bespoke and utterly stunning weddings.

Each wedding we have a planner starts with a concept we build and design together with our clients. We bookend the entire experience from the first moment we meet till the final decoration is down.

Ruth Alexander Weddings Flawless Wedding Planning, Beautiful Event Design


Organising a wedding is a huge task. Concepts, locations, ideas, vendor selections, negotiations, plans, bookings, keeping on budget and everything between.

It is more than likely that you have a job and well, wedding planning needs time, focus and knowledge.

We at Ruth Alexander Wedding do this, every day. We know the work it takes, and we are happy to take the reins!

Knowledge, Experience and Contacts

Vendors, permits, licences, payments and contracts. This level of detail can be incredibly daunting and confusing. We are used to this and can set your mind at rest.


Confidant, human diary, walking negotiator, receptionist and sounding board. Your wedding planner will become your best friend.

They can give you the peace of mind you crave and solutions to worries you might have.

We have experience curating various wedding themes, partnering with couples and suggesting unique and wonderful ideas to create a truly magical day.

With every wedding occasion being completely different, all of them had two things in common; a beautifully executed event and a very happy couple!

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