Keep current COVID-19 guidelines where you reside.

To forestall new COVID variations from entering the UK, you ought not to venture out to golden or red rundown nations.

To comprehend the dangers in a nation, follow FCDO Travel Advice.

At the point when you return, keep the principles to enter the UK from abroad (besides from Ireland).

The FCDO exhorts against everything except fundamental travel to the entire of China dependent on the current evaluation of COVID-19 dangers.


Before you travel, check the ‘Passage necessities’ part for China’s present section limitations and prerequisites. These may change with minimal notice. Screen this guidance for the most recent updates and keep in touch with your movement supplier.


China is on the golden rundown for entering England. Check how you should deal with entering England, Scotland, Wales, or Northern Ireland.

Check our recommendation on unfamiliar travel during the (COVID-19) pandemic and pursue email cautions for this movement counsel.

In case you’re arranging travel to China, discover what you need to think about Covid there in the Coronavirus segment.


During the COVID-19 pandemic, it is a higher priority than any time in recent memory to get travel protection and check it gives adequate cover. See the FCDO’s direction on unfamiliar travel protection.

The Chinese specialists keep on an overwhelming different control and isolate gauges the nation over. This remembers limitations for development, diminished vehicle, passage and leaves controls for towns and towns, and detachment prerequisites for movement between various pieces of the country.


You will be isolated from your kid if one of you tests positive for Covid. If this happens to you, you can call +86 (0)10 8529 6600 for all day, every day critical consular help. Non-occupants might be charged for their consideration. 


The British Embassy and Consulates-General in Shanghai and Guangzhou give head out narrative administrations to British nationals. Notwithstanding, you should arrange online before going to a Consulate. The capacity of the British Embassy and Consulates to give up close and personal help inside China is right now restricted. In case you’re in China and need consular help, call +86 (0)10 8529 6600 or the FCDO in London on +44 (0) 207 008 5000.

English nationals ordinarily need a visa to enter terrain China, including Hainan Island, yet not Hong Kong or Macao.

You should enlist your place of home with the nearby Public Security Bureau within 24 hours of appearance.

Considering fights and exhibits in Hong Kong, there are reports of more noteworthy examination from terrain specialists at line intersections between the territory and Hong Kong. This incorporates reports that voyagers’ electronic gadgets have been checked at line intersections. You ought to know that the edges for detainment and indictment in China contrast with those in Hong Kong. See Local laws and customs and Safety and security.


China has a zero-resistance strategy on drugs. There are extreme punishments for drug-related offences including capital punishment. Police frequently attack bars and dance club checking for the utilization of unlawful substances. Strikes on private homes have likewise happened. See Local laws and customs.

Fear mongers are probably going to attempt to do assaults in China. Even though outsiders haven’t been explicitly focused on, assaults may happen in places visited by outsiders. You should take specific consideration during public occasions or while travelling to public vehicle centers, and consistently follow the exhortation of the nearby specialists. Past assaults have designated public spots remembering one event at a rail line station and an outdoor market. There have been no new assaults in the primary traveler regions. The danger is higher in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous district. You should take specific mind and stay watchful when heading out to or inside Xinjiang.

Try not to endeavor to go to Tibet without getting the right allows. The Tibetan Autonomous Region (TAR) can be shut to outsiders without notice.


Police can confine or keep you from leaving China in case you’re associated with or associated with a business as well as common debate. See Local laws and customs and Safety and security.

China doesn’t perceive double ethnicity. If you have both British and Chinese identity you might be treated as a Chinese resident by neighborhood specialists, regardless of whether you enter China on your British visa. If so, the British Embassy will be unable to offer you consular help. The FCDO has distributed direction on identity in China. On the off chance that you’ve officially disavowed Chinese citizenship, you should convey proof that you have done as such.


Significant degrees of air contamination can happen in major metropolitan and industrialized regions in China and may exasperate bronchial, sinus or asthma conditions. Kids, the old and those with prior ailments might be particularly influenced. You can check the contamination record levels for some urban areas continuously.


The tropical storm season in China ordinarily runs from May to November. You should screen the advancement of moving toward storms and follow the exhortation of the neighborhood specialists.

In case you’re abroad and you need crisis help from the UK government, contact the closest British international safe haven, department, or high commission.

The Overseas Business Risk administration offers data and guidance for British organizations working abroad on the most proficient method to oversee political, financial, and business security-related dangers.

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