Samsara The best Yoga clinic in London

Samsara: The best Yoga clinic in London

It says that health is wealth and nothing in the world can replace the value of a healthy mind in a healthy body. But the hustle and bustle of modern life has reduced the availability of quality time a person can spend on himself. Due to several kind of environmental and social issues such as pollution, depression etc. aging factor has gone faster than past. Now-days people start worrying about their looks even during their late 20s. I also felt that my skin was getting wrinkled around my eyes right after my 27th birthday. And naturally it was a disturbing fact for me.

I immediately consulted to a dermatologist who wrote down costly prescription of night creams, lotions and other expensive products. I kept on using all such stuff for more than 3 months but the results seemed quiet slow and it was increasing pressure on my head. Then I decided to cure it with food and Yoga. Yoga is proven to be one of the best cure for skin and health issues. Now the problem I had was whom to consult for my Yoga practice. There are multiple tutorials available on internet but I could not manage time properly while following it on internet. Then I started searching for Yoga clinics. A mutual friend recommended me to Join Samsara wellness Studio in Wandsworth.

I visited for a demo class where I found my instructor so young and fit. It was such an inspiration to get taught by a person who is herself so active and healthy. Before my session I discussed the reason for which wanted to join Yoga with my instructor. She asked in detail about my whole problem and then recommend me two initial positions for Yoga. I started my first session with Asana and Pranayama for smoothening and freshness of my skin. I felt quiet relived and light at the end of my first session. That night I not only ate well but also had a peaceful sleep. In short it was an exciting experience for me and I happily joined the session for 3 months continuously.

The results were so fast and besides the major issue i.e. skin health, I got tens of benefits from joining Yoga sessions including good digestion, healthy and fresh mind and strengthened body. It also improved my immune system and made me beautiful. I learnt several Yoga techniques being at Samsara wellness Studio including Ananda, Anusara, Ashtanga Vinyasa, Bikram and Dharma Yoga. It was too fast to learn such large number of Yoga techniques just within a short session of 3 months. Due to my busy schedule I could not manage to continue it afterwards but I continued the learnt techniques at home.

It was a life changing experience and I found myself healthier and active even more than my teenage years. If you are facing the same or any other healthy issue and want to join helping Yoga classes call Samsara Welness Studio now 0208-874-4500 or email them at for more details.

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