Quality Gold Plating Services

How Much Does It Cost to Gold Plate an item?

Quality Gold Plating Services

Gold is an essential material because of its intrinsic properties, adding significant value to the gold plated item during the electroplating process. A thin layer of gold usually measured in microns is placed on the surface of other metals to enhance the beauty, durability, and cost of the item.

Most electronics rely on gold for better performance and to withstand different conditions such as rain, extreme cold, or heat. Things such as switches, connectors, contacts, and jeweller not to mention the adornment of religious artefacts and temples are the main uses of gold.

If you are planning to coat your products with gold, you might be thinking about the cost of gold plating. There is no fixed price of gold plating. Its cost depends on several factors such as:

Gold plated Car Emblems

The type of metal

Although gold electroplating might seem easy, it is a complex task. It involves a lot of knowledge and in-depth chemistry to coat different metals. Precious metals such as silver contain chemical properties that make them easy to plate. However, base metals such as copper and zinc possess an issue. They tarnish and oxidize easily when exposed to moisture unless first coated in nickel which acts as a base to plate over ensuring the metal underneath does not “bleed out”.

Although metals such as steel, copper, and zinc can be plated, they can easily contaminate the tank’s content-meaning that one has to clean the tank after introducing the metal. Cleaning the plating tank is costly. Also, it might require more preparation before sending it to the gold plating tank. Again, an extra coating of nickel is required to help prevent contamination.

Brush Plating

Ideally, to avoid tank contamination it would be better to use a technique such as brush plating available from companies such as gold plating and gold plating kits

The Thickness of Gold plating

Pricing depends on the condition of the item to be plated. From preparation to polishing items and using a chemical to remove paints can add costs. Also, the price varies according to the item being plated. For instance, plating musical instruments may be less costly than gold plating items such as mobile phones, etc., or game consoles. Here is a list of some items and approx. prices of gold plating.

Prices start from

  • Jewellery – £30.00
  • Car Emblems – £50.00
  • Cutlery – £12.00
  • Tools – £30.00
  • Guitar Parts – £25.00
  • Taps (Per Tap) – £60.00
  • Shower Fittings – £80.00
  • Towel Radiators – £300.00
  • Bath Grab Handles – £60.00
  • Bathroom Fixtures – £30.00
  • Zippo Lighters – £30.00
  • iPod – £300.00
  • iPhone – £1300.00
  • Games Consoles -£800.00
  • Light Fittings -£80.00
  • Medals – £60.00
  • Watch Face – £90.00
  • Ladies Watch Straps – £200.00
  • Men’s Watch Straps – £300.00

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