Water in Summer For Birds, Bees And Butterflies

How to Provide Water in Summer For Birds, Bees & Butterflies

Many of us are aware that birds, bees, and butterflies need extra help to survive during the winter months – but lots of these beautiful creatures also need a helping hand when the weather’s hot and sunny. So how do you help birds, bees, and butterflies in summer? Here is an easy guide.

Providing water for birds in Summer

During summer, fresh drinking water is hard for birds to find as natural sources such as streams and ponds may dry up. Bathing is also important for birds to remove dirt and grit and keep their feathers in tip-top condition.

You could help a bird by giving it water in a stainless steel croc lock bird bowl. To use this you, need to twist it into place, locking it securely so your bird cannot easily remove it. 

Alternatively, you can also get a sure-lock large feeder bowl. This is a cage-mounted food and water cup in a space-saving oval shape. It locks securely to the mounting bracket, prevents spillage, and is also a wonderful dish to use as a bath for small birds.

Necessary Vitamins for your bird

Just like us, birds need to have a full spectrum of vitamins and minerals to remain fit and healthy. This is why it is important you provide nutritious vitamins and minerals for them.

For vitamins, we recommend Daily essentials 1 water-soluble multivitamin 100g because it is enriched with 13 different vitamins and 9 trace minerals.

There are a few birds that simply only eat one thing. These birds tend to suffer a huge range of nutritional problems.

For your picky bird, we suggest a fussy feeder water supplement of 100g. The fussy feeder water supplement when added to your bird’s water turns junk food into a highly nutritious diet and also encourages birds to be more adventurous with their food.

Since the germs in water can also benefit from this nutritious supplement, we insist you also add Aviclens.

Providing water for Bees in summer

During the heat of summer, bees need water to cool their hives and thin honey when crystallized.

Bees are attracted to salty water, water with chlorine, and water with other minerals like potassium and magnesium.

To create a water source for your bee during summer,  put some water and sugar in a very shallow earthen or ceramic container. Ensure there are plenty of stones in it so the bees can stand upon safely and avoid the risk of falling into the water and drowning.

Since it’s a hot season, water will evaporate quickly so keep an eye on it, and top it up when due.

Providing water for Butterflies in summer

Everyone adores the sight of pretty little butterflies flying around them but how would they provide water to keep these beauties alive during summer?

To give your butterfly water during summer, place a similar bowl like that of the bees at your balcony or garden and make sure that the bowl is colorful or is surrounded with colorful flowers.

Other tips include:

  • Ensuring bowls are kept in shade and at low altitudes.
  • Ensuring that for a birdbath, water is about 2-3 inches deep so tiny birds can enjoy themselves.
  • Ensuring that a dripper is placed near the water to keep the water moving, attracts birds to the water bow

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