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Property Development Finance – Secured Loans – Fintex Capital

Secured loan and property development finance are funding for new house projects or complete renovations.

Conventionally bridging finance was used when a housing property purchase chain had broken down but now finance has stretched due to the growing numbers of professional lenders in the market and with many facilities.

The current observation of banks taking longer to process requests for secured than finance companies entering the market.

So there is a need for alternative credit.

All companies offer different terms and conditions on a prolonged product variety to meet gaps in the market, where funding applications move and complete quickly is of the principle.

Loans can be used for a range of reasons where a short-range temporary facility allows a customer to take benefit to secure agreed outcome.

Secured loans are mostly used to borrow large amounts, usually more than £10,000 while you can borrow less, generally from £3,000

The name ‘secured’ denotes that a lender will need something as security in case you cannot reimburse the loan back.

Secured loans are not as much risky for lenders, that’s why they are generally cheaper than unsecured loans.

There are numerous names or types for secured loans, including:

  • Homeowner loans
  • Second mortgages
  • First charge mortgages
  • Debt consolidation loans

Fintex capital has different product range:

  • Fintex Origin (German Consumer Loan)
  • Fintex Confluence (UK Secured Finance)
  • Fintex Elevator (US Consumer Loan)

Fintex Origin was propelled in 2016. We invest in German customer loans initiated via aux money.

Fintex Capital has invested more than €150 million as a share of this plan. Fintex offers loans safe on UK assets.

We work with different dedicated established inventers. Fintex Elevator expends in US consumer loans originated via a substantial credit marketplace with important instigation ability.

We already invested $30 million, Fintex Elevator proposes to arrange well in additional of $100M over time.

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