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Petrol in Diesel Car | Dr. FUEL

In London, the rising popularity of diesel engine day by day, more and more drivers are making the switch to diesel. There are many reasons for it: improved fuel efficiency, reduced CO2 emissions, the resultant lower annual road tax bills but whatever the reason, but diesel engine demand is highly increasing with the passage of time.

Is Putting Petrol in my Diesel Mobile Dangerous

The only problem is here that old habits die hard. It’s easy to grab the wrong hose from the pump and be some way into filling your car with unleaded petrol. Most people do this mistake every month and if you don’t catch it in time you can run into some serious trouble.

Diesel pumps at very high pressure for the engine to work because it will reduce pump lubrication, meaning the components will wear on each other, causing lasting damage that can prevent your engine from working. Petrol can also damage pump and fuel system seals, as they’re not designed with its chemical composition in mind. As longer you let petrol circulate in your diesel engine, the less damage it will create, but beware of worst condition when scenario calling for you to replace multiple expensive engine parts at the same time just to drive your car.

It’s important to make sure your engine is contaminated as little as possible. When you realise your situation, stop what you’re doing. Don’t start your engine; don’t even put your key in the ignition – in many cars, this triggers the tank’s pump to prime, which introduces the petrol into the engine proper.

Dr. Fuel

Just call “ Dr. Fuel” we will walk you through the procedure. Get out of other drivers’ way and wait .we should be there within 60 minutes with our mobile drain equipment and a team of experts
Once we have cleaned out your tank .

you will be safe to refill and head off No expensive replacement parts; no towing fees to the nearest garage, just one quick service and out you go again. Putting petrol in your diesel engine doesn’t have to be a nightmare – do not become panic,  act wisely and invite us in.

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