While requirements for legally riding a motorcycle vary state to state, all states share one common requirement a license to ride.

Depending on your site, you will get one of the following Motorcycle licenses. Motorcycle endorsement on a regular driver’s license. In London,

50 cc bike

if you want to ride more than 50 cc bike you need to get a full-time license. If you are thinking to buy a motorbike in London. You have to pass your CBT test under the regulations of London authority.

Motor Bike Is A Time Saver Ride

London does not have a very wide road that’s why congestion of traffic is becoming a big issue in London day by day.

It’s a part of our daily routine to have to deal with parking issues and trying to avoid awkward eye contact with the passenger in the car next to you.

When you are standing and waiting in a long row of cars and feeling a headache, a motorcycle driver passes between cars very smoothly. At that time, you are thinking why to do, not you have the same advantage but it’s for only motorbike riders.

Because they can skip traffic jams in a legal way like a piece of a cake but car drivers have to stand and wait for a long time in routine traffic jams. It also looks more attractive to girls, for example, you are sitting on a new heavy bike ready to roar, anybody body wants to sit on the back and enjoy this open-air ride. It’s called wind blowing flirting.

Whatever the reason but having a motorbike ride once in his life, everybody dreams to take this adventure. The biggest advantage is riding a bike can save a huge amount of time every day.

The truth is that the average time we spend to reach our destination in London is increasing every year. The Office for National Statistics has recently released data showing average commute is roughly 54 minutes, rising from 45 minutes 10 years ago.

Even saving just 5 minutes a day filtering will add up to roughly 21 hours every year! That’s the time you could spend kicking back and relaxing

Avoid The Dreaded Public Transport

motorcycle theory test

Public transport in London is failing to meet the increasing demand being put on it. The idea of your train or bus is going to be on time, is it just in vain. If you have ever tried the southern train you will know there is essentially no such thing as a timetable system. The train timing table is changing every minute is making the passengers in a doubtful condition. 

But on the other hand, you can take control of your life back by having your own bike which is easy to handle and often free to park in Central London. You do not have to wait for crowded trains anymore or stand all the way. You have no worry of missing your train or bus anymore.

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