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About the Firm:

Undoubtedly, the toughest challenge faced today by Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs) is the availability of finances. Many promising start-ups have failed in the last decade due to the lack of finances for expansion, growth or structural changes. Fast Finance aims to put an end to that trend and we at Fast Finance make sure that the needs of our clients are met. Ranging from bridging loans London to supplier finance loans Fast Finance has you covered. Fast Finance has diversified its lending and now caters to the needs of countless growing businesses throughout the United Kingdom. Based primarily in London and with headquarters in Glasgow Fast Finance is the place to go even when the banks deny finances.

Development Finance London:

Property development loans London have been increasing steadily and we aim to provide the best in class service and rates so that our clients can further expand their businesses without worrying about the bridging loans if you ever need to leverage your property. Fast Finance Loans has the right mix for you with financing options of up to £25M and more than 10 years of experience in the financing industry Fast Finance has options that cover up to 100% of the total construction costs as much as 55% of the Gross Development Value.

Bridging facilities offered by Fast Finance Loans cover up to 60% of the value of the asset. Lending decision time of within 48 hours of the receipt of application makes us one of the fastest and easiest to approach finance institutions.

Supplier Finance London and Invoice Finance London:

Supplier finance facility and invoice financing facility are both secure and risk free methods that enable a business to access resources that would otherwise be unavailable. Up to 90% in cash with the invoice financing enables a business to take advantage of readily available finance and put it to more fruitful uses. This is by far the most efficient and business friendly debt factoring being offered in London as well as the UK. In contrast to other lenders Fast Finance has no hidden charges, that coupled with speedy and efficient communication makes Fast Finance stand out from other institutions offering similar facilities.

Business Loans London:

Our most major service is providing hassle free loans to SMEs. Clear terms, fixed interest rates and fast 48 hour loan processing time has enabled Fast Finance Loans to establish itself as a key market player when it comes to financing. Fast Finance Loans allows its clients to book financing and contact its management online and arrange for discussion and disbursement of their loans. SMEs and start-ups that aim at further development of their businesses can get their finances as early as 1 day from the date of the application with payment plans that suit the needs of the applicant in the best manner possible. Our agents are the best and most experienced in the field and would suggest a plan that caters to your needs. Fast Finance also offers penalty free early repayments so that businesses can secure that extra finance for future growth and expansion.

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