Skye Housing Association Tenants warned over Tourist Sub-­‐ letting

Skye Housing Association Tenants warned over Tourist Sub-­‐ letting

The Isle of Skye Housing, one of Scotland’s most beautiful tourist destinations, that boasts of its picturesque fishing village, ferocious landscapes and medieval castles that are steeped in history and idyllic coastlines that stretches across the Inner Hebrides.

This tourist must-­‐see is often flooded with visitors that want to take in the beautiful Scottish Isle.

With residents noticing an increase in tourism, it would seem they are taking to entrepreneurial tendencies by sub-­‐letting their rooms or properties and in many cases adding their accommodation to popular holiday website Airbnb.

Are tenants seeing an opportunity to line their pockets?

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Are tenants themselves away over the busy season and are thinking that empty rooms are a waste when the demand has grown AND is it really any surprise that tenants that reside in the area are looking to sub-­‐let their homes for holiday-­‐dwellers?

Whatever the reasoning behind the tenants sub-­‐letting, the housing association in Skye and Lochalsh have taken to drastic action.

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Announcing that tenants will be evicted or fined if they are found sub-­‐letting their rooms or letting homes.

The decision, it would seem has been taken lightly; it doesn’t abide by their contracts and dishonourable to the landlords.

With some locals finding the increase in visitors a strain on their resources and infrastructure, others, it would seem are finding ways to benefit from the influx.

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