Is Full Body Laser Treatment Works without any Side Effects

Is Full Body Laser Treatment Works without any Side Effects?

The most important beauty treatment is laser hair removal treatment, especially for females because it is an everyday problem for them, so there are lots of myths spread about it.

Some have elements of truth to them and others are just far-fetched speculation from those who don’t understand the process well enough. There are five common questions which have in every woman mind for example

Is it really painful procedure?

Is it really painful procedure

It is completely a misunderstanding because may be in old days with old equipment, it was a painful procedure but now the technology has come quite far over the years, with modern machines you experience minimal discomfort. There are even numbing creams available if the pain gets too much but people say the pain is no worse than an elastic band flicking against your skin.

Do laser hair removal work on ginger or blond hair?

Every single year something new technology is introducing in the beauty market. So, recent development has helped solve this through.

Making use of new technology the procedure is able to target the few dark pigments in ginger/blond hair.

However, the procedure still isn’t as effective as it is on darker hair colors and could still take more sessions to get the same results.

Is laser hair removal treatment last forever?

It is important to clear your mind that it is not last forever but it makes the growing hair process slow down and after different sessions, you will get the result you want.

Some people think it’s a permanent method but you should know that this is not the case because electrolysis is the only permanent method of hair removal.

Hair removal laser treatment which makes the hair growth diminished. But the hair follicles are not destroyed. If they are not destroyed there is still a chance that they can repair and begin producing hair again.

However, since the follicles are damaged they should produce much less hair. Although the reduction in hair growth is long-lasting, will need more sessions.

Is this treatment is costly?

laser hair removal

The treatment is not cheap but if you calculate the hours you will save on it and feel comfortable to whatever you want to wear, you do not have any fear of dark hair on your skin is damaging the charm of your looks. It is a small amount of freedom. You do not need to get the treatments all in one go, you can spread them over the year. And if you go for small areas in the start like upper lips and eyebrows than 60$ for a session is very little amount to pay.

How many sessions a laser hair removal do I need?

Laser hair removal will only work on hair actively growing. So it is recommended that it will take 4-6 treatments to effectively treat an area with the laser. It will get about 80% of the actively growing hairs. You have to return every 4-6 weeks depending on the area to treat the new active growth.

Is it work on dark skin?

The melanin is the dark pigment which is found in hair and skin. Obviously, this could cause confusion for the device. It would be harder to tell the skin apart from the hair. However, there are some lasers which have been approved for use on dark skin.

Can I do it at home?

The treatment isn’t as fast or efficient, and there may be a little more pain, but it’s definitely possible. You just need to make sure you’re being treated by someone who knows what they’re doing.   Like Health & Aesthetic Clinic, you can also consult with them without any charges. I have the best experience with them and I highly recommend to you.

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