Interior Emulsion Paint Decorating - MYLANDS Paints UK

Interior Emulsion Paint Decorating – MYLANDS

From gloss and satin to silk and matt; emulsion paint is the most popular and reliable paint for all your interior wall and ceiling needs.

Beautiful yet durable, Mylands colours are authentic and pure with an exceptional warmth and sumptuously rich depth of colour, derived from a superior marble matt emulsion with 38% pigment content. Expertly blended using only premium quality ingredients and natural earth pigments, all 120 colours are London made and inspired, each available in a comprehensive range of interior and exterior paint finishes and equally suited to both classic and contemporary interiors

Easy to apply, safer, less irritable on the skin and creates a beautiful clean finish to any wall or ceiling.

MYLANDS Emulsion paint is a very popular choice for our customers; this type of paint is incredibly strong and has a long staying life.

It doesn’t crack or fade in harsh sunlight, it is quick-drying and relatively odour free.

Our expert team are skilled and highly qualified in all matters of painting. We are happy to have a consultation with you to discuss your needs and requirements before you commit.

So, why is Emulsion so popular…?

1/ Colours, Colours, Colours – With so many options on colour choices Emulsion Paint is great regardless of your style. There are so many options and is a great paint for ceilings and walls.

2/ Rain or Shine – While thick inconsistency, the paint acts as a very suitable barrier for moisture, this humidity-resistant source is perfect for rooms such as bathrooms, kitchens and basements for the exposure to moisture and unpredictable climes, while this paint is still just as suitable for bedrooms, living rooms and hallways.

3/ Hassle-Free cleaning – Easy to clean and incredibly durable, this easy wipe paint is perfect for those stains, marks and spills and can even be cleaned with mild detergents for a super clean finish.

Great texture, density and easy to apply; this kind of paint can be used by professionals and novices alike.

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