Hire the Latest Cameras accessories for quality filming

Chilli Cheeze Hire is an expert camera and media equipment rental Company has practical experience in most recent equipment for hire. Being media authority, Chilli Cheeze Hire have a long haul involvement of serving understood clients including Disney, 20 Century Fox, HBO, BBC, Amblin, Marvels, DreamWorks and Lucas film. The rundown does not end here, Chilli Cheeze Hire stole the respect of being a piece of the group of each James Bond motion picture “From Russia with affection (1963) to Specter (2015)”.


A la mode is the new pattern and Chilli Cheeze Hire London Camera rental organization tails it entirely for higher fulfillment level of our profitable client. It offers, Camera, group and helping hire benefits in Bristol, Birmingham, Manchester and London. Chilli Cheeze Hire organize and esteem the requirements and needs of commendable clients with contemporary and most recent equipment and administration patterns.


The organization offer four fundamental packages for Camera hire including Red-W Extra hot bundle, Red-W Helium Hot Package, Sony A7sii and Black Magic. Red-W Helium Hot and Red-W Extra hot and Package suits for gigantic production houses at moderate rates i.e. £700 and £1,000 every day barring VAT and accumulation charges. These cameras offer determination up to 8K, S35 glass munititions stockpile, 20 stops of dynamic range with HDRx, numerous securing groups and up to 30 outlines for every second (fps).

The Sony A7sii and Black Magic bundle for little production houses and media focuses at have more moderate rates running £100-120 every day barring VAT and accumulation charges. These cameras encourage 35 mm full casing picture sensor, p to 4K ultra HD, high casing rate recording, S-Log 2 Gamma setting and up to 12 stops of dynamic range.

Cameras and Lenses

Chilli Cheeze Hire camera Rental Company offers a wide assortment of lenses for all sort of cameras. It offer aggressive rates in market to our significant clients. The lenses major sought after incorporate Canon EF, Nikon FX, Sony E Mount Full Frame, Micro Four Thirds, Fujifilm X and Sony E Mount APS-C. The lenses bundle avoid VAT, harm waiver and transportation costs. Different lenses have 150 or more prime and 100 or more Zoom assortments of various brands. The primes we offer significantly incorporate PL Mount primes, PL Mount Zooms, Canon Mount Primes, Canon Mount zooms, Sony E Mount and Micro Four thirds Mount. Bean stew Cheeze camera Rental Company additionally offers three sorts of lenses connectors i.e. Metabones E-EF SPD Booster, Metabones E-EF T MK IV and Metabones E-PL Adaptor.


Chilli Cheeze Hire offers Steadicam arm/Vest/Sled is an entire bundle which is appropriate for both little and enormous production houses. This stabilizer framework incorporates double swing arm, vest alongside chest plate and four clasp tackle. It likewise offer Carbon fiber sled alongside sleigh and base plate. It will empower you to take smooth and drifting shots by bearing camera weight up to 8 Kg.


Chilli Cheeze Hire London based Media Company additionally offer hire of Lenses, Drones, Tripod, Steadicam and other filming accessories. The camera rental organization guarantees our client a more palatable affair each time they pick us. Being one of the most seasoned and experienced media organization in London, Chili Cheeze is sign of value and innovativeness.

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