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High-Quality Deep Cleaning – TCMS Cleaning Ltd

There is very little more Satisfying than Sitting in a Cleanroom

Don’t get us wrong, dust and hoover are great for keeping up maintenance but the difference you feel when you walk into a freshly, deeply cleansed room is utterly palpable!

So, what escalates a good Clean to a deep clean?

Deep cleaning actively and robustly cleans areas that are cleaned regularly

ASWELL AS areas that are not.

Washing blinds, descaling tiles and taps, and showerheads. Industrially cleaning floors whether carpets, wood flooring or marble.

We don’t forget about ceilings, baseboards, lampshades, and all upholstery, fixtures, and fittings.

It is said that a clean working environment promotes healthier conditions and fewer sick days. An unequivocal employer’s dream!

This type of cleaning is a specialist and really does requires a professional finish.

Regardless of the size of the area or whether you need the service night or day, providing you with a full range of cleaning services is our pleasure.

We at TCMS Cleaning pride ourselves on customer satisfaction, affordable quotes and a team of professionals to get into any nook or cranny.

How often should I get a deep clean done?

We say at least once a year is sensible. Though it can vary depending on your office or commercial space.

Looking at it objectively, if you have an office that has particularly high foot traffic or lots of tight corners and spaces that don’t get a lot of day-­‐to-­‐day cleaning attention,

getting the professionals in will make all the difference. Creating an immaculate environment through a deep clean is essential to increase a better mind-­‐set, higher productivity and a reduction in common illnesses.

Ridding your space of dirt and germs, mold and mildew, and allowing us to provide a deep sanitizing cleanse to surprising germ breeders such as keyboards, printers, doors,

and surfaces are what we do. Put down your marigolds, don’t lift a finger and contact us so we can look and solve your cleaning needs.

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