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Need industry factory cleaning in Birmingham? TCMS offers high quality service, opt it

Running a factory is a challenging task but fun as well. I had always been fond of new and different toys since my childhood. Liking toys during childhood tenure is natural but my fondness did not fade even when I grew up as boy. With every passing day, my interest in toys increased. At one point after my graduation I decided to take it as profession. I planned to setup my own factory in suburbs of Birmingham to facilitate kids of cheap and creative toys. I setup toy business to introduced toys and dummy cartoons to help special kids for learning and education purpose.

Establishing and running factory in Birmingham was a difficult job as it needed several authentications to meet hygiene and security criteria. I also had to ensure that the waste material of factory is properly disposed of to save environment and community. Initially I hired separate staff members for cleanliness purpose. They were doing their job well but due to non-availability of special tools and equipment, we could not maintain hygiene quality standards. It led to back to back inspection issues from environmental authorities.

I got a warning from inspection team who did not show satisfaction over the hygiene measures I took to ensure safety of environment. The second time inspection team showed dissatisfaction, I decided to hire a professional cleaning company to ensure next time we get certification of safe environmental operations.

My manager contacted 2 or 3 cleaning companies operating in Birmingham. We got demo services to get an idea what is quality level of each company. One company did very well as they had expert staff and advances equipment, but the charges they quoted were quiet high. I asked my manager to check any other company which can offer high quality cleaning service with reasonable cost. He started contacting with other factory owners in the same territory. One of them referred him to opt industrial factory cleaning services of TCMS Midlands.

TCMS Midlands is a Birmingham based cleaning company which offers all type of cleaning services. In order to avoid any problem later, I asked my manager to first take quote for factory cleaning charges. The price quote was based on complete inspection of TCMS team as they visited the factory area before telling us their service charges. The price was quiet reasonable and below than our expected cost.

I asked him to hire them on test basis. They did their first round of cleaning factory building and it was above expectations. I was so amazed to see such high level cleaning with such low cost and charges. They had expert staff with them and used advanced equipment for cleaning purpose. I invited environmental authorities team to have a complete inspection of my factory area and as per my expectations, they were quiet satisfied this time. I have permanently hired TCMS for factory cleaning purpose, you can also hire them for any kind of cleaning services. For more details call them now on 0121 629 0942.

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