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Film, TV Studio for Hire London | Mount Pleasant Studio

I have an assignment from my boss director to get a perfect studio for filming a short film. As an assistant, it is a great responsibility on my shoulders. I have to find a prime location with soundproof walls. I need to find a professional studio well equipped with lights, gears, and technology. We are filming a kid’s fantasy based song for YouTube. It is a professional based photographic studio. They have all the facility which a good studio needs. Especially good quality audio and video system. A peaceful and healthy environment to work. They are providing lots of video editing software at cheap prices.  They have makeup room, green room, prop room and changing room for utilizing their clients.Mount Pleasant Studio - a soundproofed film and TV studio in Central London with a wide range of camera and lighting equipment

The studio monitors are latest and cables are in good condition. For music recording, we are going to need microphone stands, pop filters, and earing system. I have selected this studio because it is a perfect choice for any production shoot. They also have their own skillful and experienced film and TV team for free advice and help. My head director is happy with me to find a suitable and affordable studio in such a short time. We have worked here for one week and no doubt we do not face any kind of a problem and issue here. They dissolve our problem on the spot. They have helped us in fixing background lights very often. They also helped us in recording issues and fixed editing software bugs for us. Thanks to them we have completed our work on the time. Highly recommended to all the people

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