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In my opinion, for a woman, the biggest fear is a growing age because it brings wrinkles and black spots problems on your face. The same problem I was facing in my early forty’s.  As a working woman I did not the time to get married but when I finally thought to settle down in my life this dull face makes me less attractive. I did not want to look hundred years old witch on my wedding day who is using love potions to catch the guy of his dreams so I started to find ways. I already heard about Botox treatment for reducing the effects of aging but there were already 25 clinics were doing it in London and I wanted to get the best treatment for me.  I went to Health and Aesthetic Clinic with lots of doubts but free consultation clicks my mind. There was nothing to lose. They had a very friendly environment there. I felt very relaxed and when I consulted with the dermatologist. I realized that She is a qualified and professional person who would create a masterpiece out of me.aesthetic clinics london

Well, She started the treatment the next day and amazingly the treatment was very simple and effective and painless. It hardly took ten minutes. There were few tiny injections and within days there was a clear improvement. I also tried their different facials but personally,

wrinkle-BotoxI liked Alumiermd Enzyme retexturing facial the most because of it smooth and soft your skin texture. It seems that your dead skin starts breathing once again. Before my wedding, I went there for the wedding package. It’s quite affordable and cheaper than other clinics.   I really recommended it to all.

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