Construction Conveyor Belt Hire

Construction Conveyor Belt Hire

Many building site managers will be sceptical about builder’s conveyor belt hire and will wonder “what is the point of hiring a piece of equipment that does the same job builders can do with their buckets and wheelbarrows”. There are in fact numerous reasons why conveyor belt hire is the better option in comparison to manual labour builders can offer.

Builders Conveyor Belt Hire

Construction Conveyor Belt
  • What goes up must come down:

Any vehicle used to carry materials, be that a wheelbarrow or a builder’s arms, must come back empty handed in order to collect another load. This means 50% of their work time is being wasted. Instead, a builder’s conveyor belt offers continual service.

  • Reliable performance:

Unlike labourers, a builder’s conveyor belt doesn’t suffer from fatigue, or need regular breaks throughout the day. They will keep going longer than any of your staff can.

  • Huge lifting power:

Even a smaller builders conveyor belt will still outlift a great number of labourers. On top of that, the average wage of a labourer is about £10 an hour, and you will need several labourers to complete the equivalent work of 1 belt. So, builders conveyor belt hire is by far the better option.

Builders Conveyor Belt

Builders Conveyor Belt Hire

At Kiesel we have a number of builder’s conveyor belts available for hire, to suit a great number of needs. We have specially selected the conveyor belts, to make sure you are hiring the best possible equipment. On top of that our conveyor belts are easily moved by only one operative so you can quickly and easily adjust the belts position as work progresses.

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