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CBT Training Test in London – Alpha Motorcycle Training

I did not want to admit that but I had a bike riding phobia in my teenage. As time passed, it was growing inside me more strongly and clung its claws on my mind. I remembered that day when my father brought a new bike for me. I was so excited that I could not see what is upcoming to me. It did not seem that I have some kind of fear from starting it, but I could not use breaks because I had a fear of crashing. I also felt fear to face so much traffic on the roads. I could not share this secret with anybody but as time passed I saw that I am not the only victim out, here. After some time, my father announced that I should go to my school on the bike. So, I could not live under this shadow of fear.

MCT Training Test in London - Alpha Motorcycle Training

My father suggested me to first took CBT training course from Alpha MCT … I remembered my first day there, my instructor told me “CBT certificates are issued to safe riders, but to become a safe rider you do need to listen, and follow instructions”. He guided me expertly through every aspect of the course. He helped me to understand all the rules. As a new rider my instructor answered my all questions very patiently about riding a bike. I liked his helpful tips and advices based on my individual skills. I had the biggest issue to wheel the bike around to the left and right showing proper balance and bring to a controlled halt by braking. He helped me to control over the bike and slow down it properly without any problem. He gave me extra miles to try and more practice every day as you know practice makes man perfect. Especially, he kept an eye on all the safety measures for me.

The training site was really safe because they did not allow to have trainees waiting around the side of the site while other trainees are being trained and the motorbikes they used during the course comply with all legal requirements.

When you got a grip on your vehicle, you start enjoying your ride.  In the end of the course I was more confident on my abilities to riding a bike. No doubt, he let me believe on myself that I can do it. I tried to followed his every instruction during my CBT Test and it was the greatest day of my life when I passed my CBT test in first go through. I recommend everyone who wants to go for motorcycle license to go here for their training. It was a pleasant experience for me without any stress.

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