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Bathroom Installers | PML Property Handyman Services

I have no idea where to start but last year I was renovating an old house in South London for living purposes. I was a single mother with two young kids. It’s quite difficult for me to do my job as a teacher, look after my kids and fixing up an old house. It was becoming a terrible experience because it was taking too much time than I expected.

You really cannot know what a house needs until you live in it.

My biggest problem was the renovation of the bathroom.  I could not force myself to pick a tile, a sink, a toilet, anything. I was so fixated on every detail that I was utterly unable to conceive of a time when I might not view the choice between polished chrome and polished nickel as a matter of life and death. So one day my school friend told me about PML handyman service and shared her pleasant experience with me. No doubt, I got home and called them for the renovation of my house. They reached my home before I expected and start their work. They had really experienced and professional workers. They quickly handled common plumbing maintenance issues. They also bathroom installers, faucets, and plumbing fixtures. Next, they helped me to decorate and paint my house according to my budget. They also give high preference to my demands in wallpapering, plastering and floor fitting. I am really thankful for them to give me useful advises and helpful tips for selecting items. The greatest thing about them is that they don’t make lame excuses and finished their work on time.

They are offering a high quality of services in all aspects of painting decorating, plastering, wallpapering, flooring fitter and PML handyman services in South London and surrounding areas. All of their work is fully guaranteed, insured and carried to the highest standards. I am fully satisfied with their work and want to have this experience with them again.

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