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Alpha Motorcycle Training: A reliable trainer for Motorcycle training and tests

Bike riding is just not a need these days, youngster are more passionate about bike riding than anything else. Bike is a charming but dangerous vehicle which requires strict road measures and safety rules to be implemented by road management and by riders as well for safety of citizens. For safety of youngsters and other people on road, UK road authorities have devised A1 and A2 restricted licenses tests. A1 restricted license is for teenager aged 17-19 to ride motorcycle with engine size 125 cc maximum. After 19, level 2 test is conducted to get A2 restricted license to ride motorcycle with engine size bigger than 125 cc.

Alpha Motorcycle training center

There are many institutes and training centers in UK offering training sessions to get prepared for these two tests along with Compulsory basic training (CBT), Motorcycle Theory Test and other practice tests. Alpha Motorcycle training center is a reputable training center which offers quality motorcycle training not only to pass tests in first attempt but also to ensure road safety for riders. The institute has hired experienced tutors which higher expertise to teach newbies perfect motorcycling skills.


Alpha Motorcycle training offers wide range of different course as per requirements of riders. Major courses include Compulsory basic training (CBT), full license, free license, Gear conversion and direct access scheme full license courses. The students who get admitted at Alpha training for the first time can continue their sessions at advanced levels i.e. A1 restricted license to A2 restricted license test after 19 years age.


The center offers wide range of services for training starting from £100 for weekday courses. The training center provides all necessary equipment for training including Helmet and riding clothes. The institute offers cost effective services for CBT certification and for advance riding courses. The major services of Alpha Motorcycle training center include CBT motorcycle training courses, direct access scheme (DAS) Full license, ITM motorcycle training, conversion courses and enhanced rider courses.


Among many motorcycle training centers operating in UK, Alpha Motorcycle training center stands out due to its special services and quality features. The major features of the institute which makes it different from its rivals include

  • DSA Approved
  • Well maintained fleet of bikes
  • Helmets, gloves and Jackets provided
  • Fully qualified & experienced staff
  • Male & Female Instructors
  • Expert training systems
  • Warm and comfortable classrooms
  • Good Location Close to Central London

Contact Details

Call now and book your session now at 0203-544-4433 or mail at info@alphamct.co.uk for detailed information about kind of services the center provides, pricing and timing of sessions. It is located on 6 Lumen Road East Lane Business Park Wembley HA9 7RE. You can visit at the center anytime to get detailed information for all types of tests preparation and training sessions. Alpha Motorcycle training center is the name of reliability and safe training for motorcycle riders, come and join the family and play your role as a responsible citizen.

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